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Mark Gross
Board Member



Mark Gross, born and raised in Florida. Comes from military family that included Father - US Navy, Brother - US Coast Guard, Sister - US Army, Sister - US Air Force, and myself - US Army.

Graduate Degree from University of Phoenix and currently employed at Avaya as a Sales Engineer and has been in the technology field for 20 years.

"I have always been one for helping others and OCB is providing me an opportunity to do this in a way that has a direct and positive impact on our Veterans and Community".

Besides being a Board member Mark also volunteers time providing building maintenance for OCB. One of our newest expansions at OCB that he is leading is the Blaster Program in honor of our fallen OCB Brother (Rick Pratt) by working with the local community in assisting our veterans that are facing special needs and or challenges with basic transportation or needing assistance with maintaining their living conditions i.e. leaking windows, lack of insulation etc.