O p e r a t i o n   Combat  Bikesaver

Tiffini Mikulich lives in Lowell with her amazing husband and 3 active boys.  In 2017 she left her position as a School Nurse to keep up with her boys’ busy schedules and her husband’s heavy work load as a Middle School Principal.

In 2018 she went back to work part-time working as a financial advisor helping families become financially independent and protected.  

She also volunteers as a mentor helping and guiding homeless pregnant women. Tiffini has always had a passion for helping people.

In September 2017, she started volunteering at OCB and is known as the “Food Lady”. After seeing ‘Returning the Favor’ with Mike Rowe, she felt compelled to help, but wasn’t sure how. Not knowing the stories, or the home life, of the Veterans of OCB, she decided that she would serve a home-cooked meal every Sunday to the guys and gals. This continued for over a year before she started coordinating volunteers to contribute to the Sunday meals. Since joining in 2017, Tiffini has taken on the role of helping with all events/fundraisers, coordinating volunteers, scheduling and making meals, collecting donations and now serves on the Board of Directors.

She lives by the motto and Bible teaching, “We help ourselves by helping others.”