O p e r a t i o n   Combat  Bikesaver

Lindsey Zaideman

Chairman of the Board


Events Coordinator

Deborah Nelson


Chief Financial Officer

OCB Board Members solemnly swear to honor and defend the bylaws of Operation Combat Bikesaver, and uphold the policies and standard operating procedures laid out by the Board of Directors; only to discharge their position when properly relieved. They promise to embrace these bylaws as they fit their own beliefs and passions for the ones that serve and protect our country. They put our Gear Head’s pursuit of happiness in our program as their number one priority while in office.  They treat their fellow members, volunteers of OCB, and its participating candidates as equals and conduct Hot Rod Therapy with tact and compassion. During their term, they faithfully and impartially accept the responsibilities of office with dignity to the best of their ability.

Mark Gross

Board Member

Property Management

Scott Filler

Vice Chair

Volunteer Coordinator 

Tiffini Mikulich

Board Member

Volunteer Coordinator 

David Miller

Board Member