O p e r a t i o n   CHARLIE  BRAVO

Formerly known as Operation Combat Bikesaver.

All of our programs are entirely free to Veterans. 


It all started in this little shed in Cedar Lake, Indiana...




To lower the suicide rate and prevent homelessness by providing therapeutic, hands-on, in-person programs for Veterans suffering from PTSD / TBI / and/or depression. 

mission statement 

Our vision is to be a veteran fun-land for positive growth in a near-peer atmosphere. We bridge the gap in veteran health services for military veterans seeking assistance by providing hands-on activity-based facilities full of solutions to positively impact veterans lives by helping them moderate their happiness level in a near peered action-packed solution driven family atmosphere while preventing suicide and homelessness at the same time. 



our vision

OCB provides a facility, a hands-on workshop, general safe haven, and comradery filled stomping ground for veterans suffering from PTSD / TBI / and/or depression to participate in group activities. This facility includes several specific programs that target key demographics and interests in the veteran community with trained individuals skilled in various areas of motorsport mechanics, fabrication, restoration, customization, metal forging, physical health and nutrition, financial assistance, vocational skills, job placement, transportation and a multitude of other solutions helping remind veterans that there is more to life in surrounding yourself by other veterans that signed the same dotted line in order to help each other find some form of normalcy after serving your country. Being swallowed up by monotonous black hole of depression, isolation, and self-medication often comes with being a disabled Veteran. In this veteran atmosphere they remind each other that failure is not an option and to remember our military training and to apply our survival training to their daily lives.  

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization:

  1. to provide instruction and guidance on various aspects of designing, fabricating, customizing motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, furniture, sculptures, or any other constructive art to veterans with PTSD / TBI / and/or depression.
  2. to provide facilities, equipment, trained individuals, safe environment, and family atmosphere for participants to engage in an escape or distraction from the effects of suffering from PTSD / TBI / and/or depression.
  3. to provide programs and opportunities for participants to engage in recreational, team building, self-worth, satisfaction of accomplishing something they thought they never could by building something from nothing.
  4. to be a “big brother” of sorts to these participants.
  5. to prevent and lower suicide rates amongst veterans.
  6. to prevent and lower homeless rates amongst veterans.
  7. to sponsor, host and/or participate in veteran themed events and activities that promote healing PTSD / TBI / and/or depression. 

There are some amazing things in life that can truly put anyone on the path to finding that happiness again. Here at OCB we would love nothing more than to show you how to obtain that happiness through creative projects in a likeminded Veteran family atmosphere. Heroes that have completed the program have the opportunity to share what they have learned with others just starting the program. Sharing these newly obtained skills combined with a restored comradery that truly gives a sense of security and brotherhood are some of the most fulfilling things that truly heal the mind and soul.

On behalf of all of us here at Charlie Bravo, we thank you for your time and consideration. No one gets left behind.


Jason Zaideman
Executive Director / Founder / Director of Veteran Services
Veteran Mentor / Hot Rod Guru
US ARMY Veteran 12B OJE 96'-00' (disabled but still able)
Operation Charlie Bravo
A Division of Veteran Impact Services, Inc.

EST 2015

Specific Purpose