O p e r a t i o n   Combat  Bikesaver

Jason Zaideman, Operation Combat Bikesaver

*Before an application can be approved the individual wanting to start the expansion must travel to our shop to participate in at least one Sunday Shop Day in order to experience the full atmosphere of what a Shop Day is supposed to be. 

Please fill out this application if you would like to volunteer your garage on sunday's to OCB FOR SOME #hotrodtherapy.

Chapter Application

*This application is for individuals seeking the opportunity to run and operate an Operation Combat Bikesaver in their area in order to help provide a workshop for Veterans suffering from PTS and/or TBI and/or depression. This workshop would need to include trained individuals skilled in various areas of Motorcycle fabrication, restoration, and customization to help teach candidates (Gear Head's / Applicants / Veterans ) that there is more to life than negativity. Once the project is completed by the candidate, it is theirs to keep or donate to another candidate of their choosing free of charge.

Click here to see your county Veteran Population was for : Fiscal Year 2017

Click here to see National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics

All applications may not be approved.


It may take up to 4 weeks for a response due to our volume of incoming applications and other communications. We are also still developing the operations packet with detailed instruction on training for operating and reporting back to OCB Headquarters. This may take some time but this application is a good start.

Once approved the next step would be to start planning your first fundraiser with our team.

The funds that you raise would be used to purchase parts for your builds. OCB funds will not be used to pay for your property or bills. This is a voluntary system and if you cannot afford to allow OCB to operate in your garage one day a week without needing financial assistance then you will be disqualified as someone able to operate an extension of OCB 4 days a month.

The outcome of the first fundraiser will determine the amount of tools and equipment you will be able to purchase in order to properly work on projects in your shop. 

We look forward to spread this Hotrod Therapy across the entire U.S. 

​It's needed!