O p e r a t i o n   CHARLIE  BRAVO

OCB is 8 !! Come celebrate our 8th birthday with our family of Veterans, volunteers, and supporters at this FREE event.

There will be a CHILI COOK OFF! We'll have prizes for the top three. We'll also give a prize to the contestant with the most cash in their "tip jar." 

We'll have hot dogs and nachos with cheese available. And of course, we'll have a dessert table!

The event is completely FREE to the public to get in and eat. We'll just need you to vote on your favorite batch of chili!

THANK YOU for the overwhelming support as our program grows and expands. We wouldn't be here today without all of you. Meet and greet all the amazing people behind the working parts of our organization, eat some tasty grub, and pick up any OCB Gear you've been wanting to get.

We will have an award presentation as well to give special thanks to our super star volunteers and Veterans that go the extra mile to make OCB the best program possible for us all.
More details to come.