O p e r a t i o n   CHARLIE  BRAVO

The JAM Program 

Mission Statement:

To help Veterans discover their musical abilities, learn various instruments, and build teamwork as well as comradery by participating in group music activities. Allowing for community involvement by showcasing individual and group projects. Building skills by restoring donated music gear to improve proficiency and bring awareness to the program.  

Specific Purpose:

The JAM Program is an internal program that will service members of Charlie Bravo by giving a creative outlet, allowing development for musicians in the team setting they experienced in military service.  This program will evolve organically by Veterans who want to rediscover their creativity or looking to find it.  This program will help the Veteran build musical skills and develop confidence in their abilities.  Since Veterans are mission-oriented people, without goals they tend to lose purpose once they have completed their military obligation.  The JAM Program will help Veterans strategize, create, and execute projects and possibly perform concerts if they wish; bringing that Veteran a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The specific objectives and purpose of this program shall be:

•          to learn and play musical instruments with confidence and proficiency.

•          to utilize volunteer music education professionals to enrich member’s understanding of music theory.

•          to provide Veterans with a roadmap to building and executing a music set individually or as a team; leading to live shows.

•          to restore donated musical instruments and gear to allow for personalization and the opportunity raise funds for the JAM Program.

•          to be a coach, a big brother, and motivator to Veterans who enroll in this program.

•          to provide knowledge on leading an expressive lifestyle in a positive manor.

•          to use musical activity to help Veterans express creativity and develop a community with the other program members.

•          to host and/or participate in events and activities that promote musical creativity, enrich Veteran lifestyles, PTSD and/or TBI and/or depression therapies, Veteran or music themed.

Newcomers to OCB must bring DD-214 and ID.

OCB regulars bring your OCB issued Veteran Security Clearance Card.

​Questions please email:


The JAM Program

A Music Therapy Program for Veterans

Friday Nights  6pm - 9pm
Operation Charlie Bravo
The HRT Building in The War Room 
1670 E. North St.
Crown Point, IN 46307