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Shooter responsibility & Check-in: 

  1. In order to compete in this Shoot Out, you must be legally allowed to possess firearms and bring your own firearm/s for the events you intend to compete in as well as all ammunition needed to compete.
  2. All Shooters must check in at registration table at the event to receive security pass to enter the shooting range area.
  3. If you are pre-registered online, you will receive your badge in the mail with your entry packet. Must still check into receive your targets and your shooting group numbers & FREE T-Shirt. Day of competitors registering at the event will receive a FREE T-shirt based on availability and size.
  4. Registration: Open online & at the event. www.combatbikesaver.org Registration closes when we hit capacity. For our first year we are limiting our competitors to 400. Those registering online ahead of the event will not pay entry for parking.
  5. There will be an open range time for registered shooters to participate openly (within the standing ranges rules) and practice before the competition. This open range time is also open to shooters who are not competing but want to support the event during open shooting time.
  6. Shooting order will be selected in a way to ensure that everyone can participate in all of their registered events. To be announced during the event.
  7. All center fire types of pistols without stocks are allowed to compete in 15-yard pistol competition. NO RIMFIRE
  8. All center fire types of semi auto rifles are allowed to compete in 50-yard rifle competition except for 50 BMG and larger rifles. NO RIMFIRE
  9. All center fire types of mechanical or manually loaded rifles will be permitted to compete in 100-yard rifle competition except 50 BMG and larger rifles. NO RIMFIRE
  10. Competitors 18 and younger must have a legal guardian present to compete. If legal guardian is also participating, minor MUST have an additional adult to escort them.  Adults that are escorting minors cannot participate in the competition.
  11. All sights are allowed. 


  1. Safety officers and range Cadre will be in control of the event and all instructions from these team members must be followed at all times. These Safety Officers and Range Cadre are there to assist everyone in following the mandatory range rules.
  2. There is a chain link fence between observation area and shooting range to help make this a safe event.
  3. Registration and scoring table at the event will have information for all shooters as to when they are scheduled to shoot as well as your shooters security pass to enter the shooting range area to participate as a shooter.
  4. Range Safety Officers may remove you from the competition for not following the range safety rules at any time disqualifying you from the competition.
  5. You can register for as many different disciplines as you would like. Just compete in one class A, B, or C - Chose 2 classes A&B, A&C, or B&C - Or go all out and compete in all 3 classes ABC.
  6. All those supporting the event as an observer will not be allowed inside of secure range area as a safety precaution.
  7. Each round of shooters will be announced over the range PA system. Being at the right place at the right time is each shooters responsibility.
  8. Must provide own hearing protection and any other personal protective equipment that you may require.



  1. Scoring will be performed by judges at scoring table.
  2. A shot inside a numbered zone gets that number for a score
  3. A shot that breaks the line into the next higher scoring ring will get the higher score of the two. Except the bullseye.
  4. Bulls eye shots are worth 10 points but must be completely inside the bullseye.
  5. Prizes: There will be prizes for the top three competitors of each discipline (1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each class -9 total awards). Prizes TBA.
  6. A -1 score is a break into ring one a 1 is a clean one shot. -9 is a break into the nine ring and a +9 is a break into bullseye. These – and + factors are used to determine winner in a tie score.
  7. All scored targets will be given back to shooters after score is calculated and logged
  8. After the first round of competition top 25 shooters from each discipline will move on to semifinals.
  9. Final Round will be top ten shooters from each discipline with a special challenge added after first five targets engaged. Final round shooters will be engaging 11 targets in total so 11 rounds of ammunition will be needed to compete in final round. 


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Welcome Packet & Official Rules

shoot out at the slough 2024

Welcome Packet & Official Rules

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